Data sheet


   Product Description

Flocon260 has been developed as an an foulant for use in Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filteration systems operating on high silica fees-water.

Anti Scalant Flocon260  is also e EC ve against all common scale forming Salts such as Calcium , Barium and strontium Sulphate.

Anti Scalant Flocon 260 is considerably mor effective than many competitive products at controlling Carbonate and Silica scale forma on under a wide range of condi ons.

By inhibi ng all forms of Scaling , Anti Scalant Flocon 260  allows systems to be design and operated at higher recovery rates.  .

Typical Properties:

Appearance:                   pale yellow liquid

Specific gravity:               ۱٫۱۴۱٫۱۶۵

PH:                                     <2

Freezing point range:     ۰ to – 20 * C

solubility in water:          soluble in all proportions


Flocon 260 an aqueous solution of an organic acid and as such is corrosive in its concentrated form. Corrosion-resistant dosing equipment should therefore be used. Examples of suitable materials are 316L stainless steel or plastics such as GRP, PVC and PE.


Antiscalant Flocon 260 for use in reverse osmosis systems producing potable water.

Shelf Life And Packaging:

The shelf life is 24 months under normal conditions of storage.

Antiscalant Flocon 260 is available in 25 Kg and 230 Kg drums.

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